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April 24th, 2009

03:20 pm - hurrah!

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.
I got some long-lost knitting mojo and churned out two new pairs of socks and finally finished the second sock of another pair. :D 04/2009

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September 27th, 2007

11:16 pm - okay, quick catchup for the knitting...
Here is what I have worked on lately.

September is done
September is done
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

left to right: Cocoon Lace Scarf (blocking), RPM Works With This Yarn, Frogged Jaywalkers, Cable Twist Socks

I visited some awesome folks in Boston this past weekend even though I was poopy sick. Yay!

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August 1st, 2007

12:08 pm - socks done!

My Sockapalooza socks are done and will be en route to my sockpal tomorrow. :)
07/31/2007 10:58pm

Also, Nala celebrated her birthday on Monday with some yummy Pupcakes from Love of Dog Bakery. Happy birthday Nala!

07/30/2007  6:21pm

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July 24th, 2007

03:20 pm - Christmas Eve in July...
Okay, so I made yet another major purchase of yarn today without having gotten my much needed glasses yet. To make me feel better about this "mistake," I will be gifting the equivalent of this batch of new yarn to people in the form of socks for Christmas. I also want to practice my skills in making socks for other people besides me, so keep that in mind. And, I'm asking about this 5 months in advance to give me enough time to really work on these.

I think my hard goal is to get 5 pairs out to 5 peeps. I might even go up to 6 pairs. So, if you are reading this and you would like to enter the sock pool, do me a favor and jot this down in a comment. (They will be screened.)

Snail addy
email addy
foot length
foot circumference
shoe size
any other sizing issues
color preferences?
fiber allergies?
Do you just want the yarn?

I'll draw 5 names (maybe more) and work socks in order of drawing in time for some Christmas gifting.


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June 11th, 2007

10:44 am - happy monday!
Well, the weekend turned out much better than my week. Friday seemed like it would be tough, but I went to lunch with my parents in-between work, and when I got back to the office, it was time for birthday ice cream cake. After the caking, it was chatting with the friends and boss until it was "early release" at 5pm. :)

Saturday, I went to a knitting class at my LYS and had a grand time learning how to Magic Loop. I then proceeded to sign up for a spinning (yes wool) class for this coming Saturday while I was at it. When I got home, my aunt, uncle, and cousins made a pop in visit, which was great. I also tested out what my mom got me for my birthday--a karaoke mic. Now, I quasi-scoffed at the gift because I really don't sing karaoke, but, dammit, I spent a good 4 hours playing with that thing. It is evil!

Sunday was good and relaxing with some knitting and imbibing of Thai tea. I also watched The Mask, not to be confused with Mask which I watched and cried with 3 weeks ago. Now, why in the world was I so amused by The Mask on Sunday puzzles me. Yeesh.

We're having a fancy pants lunch today at a fancy pants restaurant. Thank goodness I have my fancy pants on.
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May 13th, 2007

09:59 pm - instant gratification!
05/13/2007 5:27pm

Yay! I'm done in a record 4 days! This is Cider Moon Glacier in Hocus Crocus. It's a sportweight yarn which led to quick results. :D I want to get another skein of Cider Moon Glacier, but I can't bring myself to buy anything that says "Buckeye" even if the colorway is neat and is their school colors...
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May 9th, 2007

02:20 pm - non-work...

Which one should I start knitting tonight?
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May 3rd, 2007

08:45 pm - yup!

So I've joined this Sockapalooza thing, which is a big knitswap of knitted socks. The premise is pretty neat. :)

I am still at the office, so I'd better cut this out.
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April 15th, 2007

04:05 pm - here are pics for the meantime...
04/15/2007 2:45pm

These are Roza's Socks by Grumperina from Interweave Knits. I used Socks That Rock Lightweight in 24K on US1 (2.25mm)

04/14/2007 10:57am

These are Monkey socks by Cookie A. from I used Wollemeise Sockenwolle in Sultan on US 1.5 (2.50mm).

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April 2nd, 2007

12:02 pm - knitting jargon...
It never fails me. The second sock I make for a pair is usually knitted tighter than the first one that was cast on. I don't understand it. I have tried to alleviate this by knitting socks concurrently on two sets of DPNS, but that second sock will inevitably be a bit more snug than the first. Grrr. The gauge, as you can imagine, is ever-so-slightly off, but not enough for me to warrant a frogging. However, I find myself wanting to tear up my in-progress second sock because the first one really just has a nicer fabric and give. Hrm...

As for frogging, I hate frogging. I lean towards more efficiency and practicality and not enough on perfection to frog and re-do what I've already spent some time on. I really should be a better stickler about my knitting, but I'm doing socks! Socks will fit on feet as long as they are long enough and there wasn't a crucial error. I know, there is money and time invested in this hobby, but I get more satisfaction getting things actually completed. I consider it practice. If I allowed myself to keep frogging, I would never really get anything done, and it would tear the heck up out of the yarn. I don't like how yarn gets after a frog. Also, to paraphrase what I've already seen before: Patterns are like the Pirate Code--more like guidelines really. I love being able to change things on the fly if there was a slight error on my part. :) It works!

So anyway, more about my obsession here, I cast on a Pomatomus sock last night even though I have a handful of things already running. This sock really never did catch my fancy, but I thought that I'd try it out prior to any of the more complex patterns that Cookie A. has published for sale. Let me tell you, this pattern is kicking my butt. For some reason, I could not read the pattern properly last night and kept skipping steps causing me to, *gasp* frog not once, but FOUR times! Another thing I hate about frogging is that I spend so much time picking up the stitches back onto the needles. I hate that! I can read charts fine, but this Pomatomus is really throwing me in for a tizzy. Maybe it was the lack of sleep causing all the confusion.

I think I am actually starting to dislike the Pomatomus sock altogether. Once I got into the groove, I understood where it was going, but I don't like how the sock is coming out. I like the yarn I'm using and the color pooling is working out all right, but this whole project isn't working out as I had planned. I had a needle incident when I was working on this sock. My dad wound up impaling himself on one of the needles I was working with. Well, it seems that I did not put the whole project away as I had thought, and the spare needle landed straight up and at the foot of the sofa where my dad would step down. Grrr. I felt so bad about it. I will work through one more repeat of the chart and see if I can grow to love this sock. Maybe my sis will like it. What do you think, Kathy? I could just scrap it again and do another Monkey sock, which has really become one of my favorites.

Another thing, I don't block things. Yes, it's a terrible shame, but you know that lace project that I started a week or so ago? That thing requires some intensive blocking. I tried a practice run with the WIP and here's how it went.

03/31/2007 5:44pm

It wasn't so bad, but I will really need to get a blocking board (or a larger corkboard) to get this thing done. I've also considered getting sock blockers, if just to try and get the fit right on socks for me. (And to benchmark for socks for others.) What? Am I really becoming somewhat of a serious knitter? Next thing you know, I'll actually be swatching and frogging until the cows come home. >;D


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March 21st, 2007

06:17 pm - i have a confession...
I did not stick to my guns for my yarn diet. I have been secretly stashing yarn and yarn-related products way past my intended hiatus. OH WELL!

I was going to write a more comprehensive post about my yarn goodness, but I'm blanking now. Hey, it's the end of the workday and I should be heading on out to chorus rehearsal in a few.

I will post a picture of what this madness hath wrought last night.

03/22/2007 12:30am

Yes, so I decided to cast on for yet another project. But you must note that this is a non-sock project. It also is not my neglected Telemark UFO. (Hi bloobirdie!) I still have a few pairs of socks on the needles right now, and I need to crank out those pairs by the end of this month to really focus on upping the ante with this green mess of a WIP project. Me block? No way!

In a tangent, I need to deal with the spotty focusing abilities of my Nikon. I must be too jittery to make it work for me in some situations. That problem might be rectified in a week, thanks to my no-good sibs. ha!
Current Mood: geekygeeky

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February 22nd, 2007

08:09 am - testing, 1, 2, 3...
02/21/2007 11:26pm

Here's a shot I took with David's camera. It's a close up of a finished pair of Monkey Socks. Hopefully I'll be able to make it (the camera) work for me tonight. :)

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January 30th, 2007

12:03 pm - good Lord!
Please help me stop buying yarn and yarn-related products!!!

It seems that I have decided to fatten the stash and invest in yarn pr0n all January and while I will cut myself off on Wednesday (YES I WILL), there are updates today to Sunshine Yarns and Hello Yarn to name a couple. I've already gotten some luscious yarn from these gals--still in the stash but will soon be on the needles--and yet I want some more.

Not helping is the fact that I ran into the Lime & Violet podcast by complete accident. I have never listened to podcasts and here I am totally addicted to their show. They are also enabling my weakness this January on budget busting YARN! WTF?? ;)

Yeah, it's a bit of a problem, but I can quit at any time, right? And "any time" will be January 31 and I will not buy any yarn EVER for the rest of the year. The stash is pretty ridiculous, so I will make sure that I get some FO's out and about at a decent rate. Call me on that if I end up purchasing yarn beyond 01/31.

The Telemark that I was trying to KAL with bloobirdie is a good break from my continued sock cramming. I still have not gotten past the bottom ribbing though, if only because I can't seem to get a good technique for stranding. Over, under, left hand, right hand...grrr. I fear that once I get into the real patterning, the stitches will be left uneven and hole-y. *shrug*

I've left LJ alone again, because I'm preoccupied with petting my yarn and actually working on year-end audit crap still. Bleh. I've also been preoccupied with less-than-fun stuff, but that is neither here nor there.

I miss you guys. I hope all is well.
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January 14th, 2007

11:24 pm - second set of jaywalkers!
01/13/2007  11:42pm // modeled by my mom

Pattern: Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Needles: US 1 Fiddlesticks (bamboo) DPNS; switched off to US 1 Pony Pearls (plastic) DPNS resulting in a slightly tighter gauge on sock 2
Yarn: Sockotta Sock cotton/wool/nylon blend
cast on first sock: 12/03/2006
bind off second sock: 01/13/2007
41 days

See also here

This was a set that I started for my mom amidst my Christmas sock knitting. This was actually a "distraction" to learn how to do toe-up socks and short row heels. Yikes!

Toe-up not at all based on Natalia's toe-up Jaywalkers; eventually led to the 76 sts for the leg cuff; short row heels using Cosmic Pluto's tutorial.

I really like this Jaywalker pattern and this is the second pair that I've made. It's very easy to memorize and is very forgiving if you are prone to laddering while using DPNS. ;) It's also relatively quicker than other patterns for some reason. Yes, I know that it says it was 41 days from cast on to bind off, but this was at the bottom of the sock list when I cast on.

Yay socks!

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January 3rd, 2007

06:28 pm - I should do an entry or a photo a day for this year...
I signed up for a sock workshop at one of my LYS, and I got assigned some pre-class knitting homework. I really hope that I'll be able to get some new skills out of this. If the instructor doesn't go over them, I will have to ask about short-row heels/toes and knitting socks on circs, maybe even the two-at-once method. I have read and seen pictures for these techniques, and the short-row heel was a great pain. The instructions I got are great, but I am wondering if my needles and yarn--bamboo needles and cotton blend yarn--added to the difficulty. My hands ended up hurting like mad after completing the heel, and the knit side didn't turn out nearly as nice as my purl side. Go fig.

I've gotta get home for dinner, but let me tell you, I would much rather be thinking about knitting projects than this year-end BS that I'm doing here at the office. heh.
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October 31st, 2006

04:54 pm - YAY! Socktoberfest!
Even with my late start in Socktoberfest, I managed to get a pair complete within the last half of the month.

I present to you my Jaywalkers.

10/25/2006  11:31pm 10/31/2006 1:10am
10/31/2006 1:10am

.Collapse )

Needles: This was worked on 2.75mm (US 2) wooden needles concurrently. I used a set of Clover DPNS for one sock and a set of Brittany DPNS for the other. This resulted in slightly different gauge, but it's all good.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Safari (100% wool) - 2 hanks @ 200 yds each
My Gauge: ~28-29 sts/4" stst; cast on 84 sts

Errors Modifications:
I somehow messed up the gusset shaping and failed to slip stitches so the gusset is not quite uniform. The heel flap inadvertently has twisted stitches since I was purling through the front loops for every other stitch instead of having a normal purl. For the toe, I stopped the toe shaping until I had 10 sts on each needle vs. the 7 in the pattern and did a 3-needle bind off because I HATE THE KITCHENER STITCH! I can't seem to get that technique right.

I meant to make these for bigger feet so I wasn't worried about the gauge until I realized that the bigger feets might not wear this pattern. ;) When I first cast on, I cast on 76 stitches and the gauge was wonky and I could not even fit my foot into the leg portion, which was already worked up to 5 inches. I had to frog all that and re-do this thing with 84 sts c/o and it works like a dream. Additionally, with the 84 stitches, it provided the lovely chevrons to come out of the colorway, whereas the 76 stitch cast on had solid pools of color on each side of the leg. The ankles are a little bit loose and the gauge overall is pretty loose but comfy. I'll have to decrease needle size or shorten my heel flap for a more snug ankle. I tried one of them on in a boot and it still works. These socks are so fun. These will be for the sissypoop so I hope she likes them.
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October 25th, 2006

05:38 pm - warning! knitting content ahead!
I have been obsessing over my knitting because 'tis the season. I have postponed my KAL of the Simple Knitted Bodice, and it's actually almost done. I have the rest of the right sleeve and the neckline to finish up, but I have devoted my time to Socktoberfest. Sadly, even that endeavour is not working out as planned because I haven't been able to spend time knitting enough to complete a pair of socks yet. :P

I have been a frequent buyer of Lorna's Laces at one of my LYS. I have never worked with it before, but the colors are just wonderful. I've bought 6 skeins of Lorna's Laces (4 sock, 2 sport) to make pretty socks with and I've only made a dent on the sport pair. I also splurged on some new Addi bamboo DPNS at the store to work on a pair concurrently. I've gotten at least 5 inches on each sock, so I have time yet to complete the pair.

I am working on a pair of Jaywalkers and I'm already at the gusset of one Hedera. I am hoping to get at least the Jaywalkers done before Socktoberfest ends. It'll be a miracle if I can get both pairs done by the time the month is out. Does anyone has any other sock patterns for me?

So, while I was supposed to have stopped buying yarn from my last splurge, I have added more sock yarn to my stash this Socktoberfest because I really just love yarn. I also hate to admit that I just might be a full-on yarn snob. I have not yet bought any Koigu or 100% silk yet, but I'll reluctantly give that time. (Nooooo! I should only be buying yarns on sale!!! This is costing me too much money!!!) I have also added to my needle collection. Dammit. I almost bought a hank of lace weight merino at my LYS to possibly make a shawl like Icarus. What the hell? I can't even get through my socks and almost-completed sweater and just because the yarn was there and relatively cheap I was going to get it for a ridiculously time-intensive project with time-intensive BLOCKING! *shudder*

One of my co-workers had a lovely sweater vest on yesterday and I think I have the right palette of yarns in my stash to copy it. The yarn I have is not as light, but it should provide a lovely reproduction if I can finagle things. This is in the pipeline as my first created sweater pattern, so after I get the socks and SKB out of the way, I should be able to "design" the sweater. w00t! I still have the Telemark sweater in the back of my mind too, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around steeking.

All right, that's enough yarn talk. Frank, what kind of socks do you want? Color? heheheh >;)

ETA: Oh, I forgot to mention that I have on a neat striped angora sweater on that is shedding like you wouldn't believe on my black pants. Bleh.
Current Mood: ditzyi want to knit, not work!

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September 26th, 2006

08:17 am - color problems...
Since I do not want to go to work and I've just been obsessing over my yarn, here are pictures of the color misrepresentation.

Telemark Columbine, Snow Leopard, Lichen

This is what I actually have for the Telemark sweater, where Columbine is the MC, Snow Leopard is the CC, and Lichen is the accent.

Shine Sport Violet, Telemark Columbine

I ordered a batch of Shine Sport yarn with the Telemark, and it actually was the color I expected for the Telemark Columbine. Grrrr.

Shine Sport Violet, Telemark Snow Leopard, Lichen

So here is the original concept I had for the colorways for that sweater and unfortunately the violet is so not a substitutable yarn for this project. GRRRR!

Current Mood: ditzydistracted

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September 25th, 2006

09:15 pm - simple knitted bodice
Okay quick because I've got to get some dinner.

This is a co-KAL with SKC and one on its own.

09/24/2006 12:23am

The photos aren't capturing the green properly. It's a Granny Smith apple green. I'm also using a yarn that was on sale that is a wool/acrylic/cashmere blend. It's super soft and I'm still debating whether or not I should take a stab at beading with this project. I really could not afford to spend ~$25/hank for 6-8 hanks of the yarn that was suggested. Whatev.

Photo progress
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September 19th, 2006

07:58 am - arrrrrrr, me hearties!
Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day and I be not in any shape to talk at length. In honour of today, I "found" meself the followin' Booty Bag.

Pardon th' blurriness. I had me a pilfered camera and a bottle of rum.

The map of this treasure was shared here.

Yo ho!
counter create hit
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September 13th, 2006

10:40 pm - dammit, yarn!
Sooooo, bloobirdie linked a lovely fair isle sweater that would be waaaay too thick for anything in my side of the world, but it's really pretty, would teach me a new technique, and is CHEAP!!!

I am a sucker for buying yarn, and I have already fattened my stash with awesome sales. In fact, I just had a repeat visit to here to get more of the Cotton Fleece. I need to stop. I want to stop because, well, my checkbook is a bit tight at the moment.

AAAGGHH!!! I see a visit to KnitPicks in my near future.

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June 30th, 2006

09:32 pm - i just threw my wallet away from my desk...

Someone at the SKC blog linked this sale of Rowan Calmer, which is the suggested yarn for Tempting II. AGGGHH!H!!!

bloobirdie, you should check it out if you are still interested in doing this project. It's ON SALE!
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June 26th, 2006

12:07 pm - the knitting modifications...
I'm at work and all I've been thinking about how close I am to finishing this KAL. I need to follow-up with posts at the SKC blog for any issues that people might have had. It hasn't officially started, so there are slim pickings for any other tips. I think most people have had issues with being a bit too busty for the pattern. I am obviously not in that contingent. (haha)

somewhat technical knitting babbleCollapse )

I've been reading on a few more mods to make the neckline gather a bit tighter. I'll have to see if I need to pull it closer as I get more of the yoke completed. I don't have big boobs, so the wide boatneck as written in the pattern should be just fine for me. I think my shoulders and upper arms can help handle the pattern neckline too.

I've been wanting to make Tempting for a while since I first saw it at, but I was too chicken and lazy to learn sweaters at the time. Now that I've actually gotten two sweaters out of the way, and since it was chosen as a (motivating) KAL, I am pleased as punch to be making my very own Tempting (II) sweater. Wheee! :)
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08:48 am - really quick!
counter create hit

I am so late, but I uploaded a handful of photos on my progress of the SKC KAL of Tempting II. I couldn't really afford to wait for for the July 1 cast on date, so I have been busting my butt on that ribbing. I mean, it's 1x1 ribbing and I needed to get most of that out of the way. :) I'll post more details on the modifications later.

I don't want to go to work. Harumph!
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May 3rd, 2006

12:26 am - hooray for maff!

The picture only gallery of my Green Gable progress.

I finally was able to prove my DK conversions right since I got to the part in the Green Gable where I needed to separate the sleeves from the body of the garment. I was right. High Energy Jenny posted a quick lesson in how this pattern works and why some sizing issues are cropping up. I had already made adjustments to the pattern prior to her post, and with several different variables at play, in fact.

1) I changed the yarn gauge. It looks like the recommended yarn is a worsted weight one and I used one strand of my frogged yarn, which is about DK (lighter than worsted) weight.

2) I widened the neck slightly because I really wanted the sweater to be more of a boatneck. I was reading some posts and looking at other finished GG's, and they have tighter necks that I would like. I think I could have added a few more inches to the neck, now that I look at it.

3) As a result of the slightly wider neck, I needed to adjust the splits of stitches for the sleeves and body as well as the number of rows for each part of the pattern.

4) According to my gauge and stitch conversion, my sleeves at the separation point would only be 8 or 9 inches in diameter. Uh, what? I have meaty upper arms, and there was no way I was going to knit a shirt that would strangle them. So, I had to also increase the number of stitches in order to get the sleeves to a reasonable diameter to accomodate my arms.

And so my math skills are still working out, with conversion factors for my gauge and such. I also calculated how many rows would get me how many inches length of fabric and how many more reps I needed to get me the required width of fabric blahblahblah. I have a great Excel worksheet with all of the calculations. :) I still cheated my pattern though and I was short about 2-3 more reps somehow though.counter create hit

It's turning out to be a gem of a sweater. w00t!
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April 29th, 2006

06:18 pm - today is a good day for knitting!

04/29/2006 5:32pm

I am not feeling all that sexy in it right now, but then again, I've been lazing around the house today. I am also counting on it to shrink a little, which will definitely help with the sexiness of this piece. >;)

In other knitting news, I got my AWESOME stitch markers from Sara.
04/29/2006 2:30pm

I am still not sure if I'll use the frogged yarn for the Green Gable. I might try to convert the pattern to make the gauge a bit better for the yarn. What doesn't help, is that I received a flyer from my other LYS that is advertising a CRAZY sale next Saturday. There is an early bird sale where everything will be 40% off from 7am-8am. ACK! They sell the Cotton Classic there, among other things. I could definitely knit more things, like the GG, with the Cotton Classic. Ooooh!

I really shouldn't spend any more on this knitting junk though. But it's so much fun!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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April 27th, 2006

11:53 pm - KAL #2!!
I am officially a part of the Green Gable Knit-Along. You can check out the picture only progress of my GG here.

counter create hit
I am using frogged yarn from a hideous Express sweater that I bought about a year and a half ago solely for frogging. It was 10 bucks for a ton of merino wool yarn.
whole sweater frogged

Isn't it pretty all wound up?

I've already swatched and it's looking good. I think that the fabric is a bit too tight, but maybe that's because of my yarn substitution.
Green Gable 04/27/2006 11:47pm
I am now awaiting my awesome stitch markers that I have purchased from Sara so that I can actually cast on and have at it. Again, if this isn't really working out with the frogged yarn, I will probably cave and get some more of the Cotton Classic or try the Sierra from my LYS's.

I'm in the homestretch for Orangina, so I'd better finish it up. The 3x3 ribbing on size 4 circs are killing my hands though. Any amount of time that I spend on it doesn't even seem to make a dent. Yeesh.

I need to get to bed. Of course, I'll be thinking about these projects all during work since it's the calm before the storm. Can't they pay me for a few hours of knitting while I wait for work questions to come in tomorrow?

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April 25th, 2006

01:25 pm - a new yarn store!
In a somewhat impulse buy during lunch, I got a couple of Crystal Palace circs at a new-to-me LYS to see what you all make a fuss about. >;) I think I spent way too much on these needles, but whatever. I got a 16" size 4 and a 30" size 6. I should have some size 6 DPNS to sub for the 20" circ for GG, and I already have the longer size 4 from Orangina. I almost bought some yarn that seems like it would be a good substitute for the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that the Green Gable pattern calls for, but I seriously can not spend any more on this knitting junk. I have a sweater to frog for this project anyway...

I can't wait to try a swatch on my new needles. They are beautiful.
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12:28 am - oh noes!
I think I might almost be committed to a new KAL, since I'm almost finished with the lovely Orangina from the SKC Knit-Along.

So will I or won't I do this Green Gabled thing?

As an added bonus, it'll also be a recycled frogging project for a sweater that I have been waiting to destroy for about 1-2 years now.

And what am I doing up??!
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April 22nd, 2006

10:50 am - uh oh!
It seems that in my piddling around with gauge and such with Orangina, I have affected the progress of my second piece.

04/23/2006 10:30am

As a result of casting on in 6's, the second piece is about an inch wider than the first, which was c/o with 5's. Hrmmm... I think it'll still be all right, but I feel like such a heel for not keeping the c/o consistent. I didn't think that it would affect the gauge that much, but obviously it did. I just thought that I would try a different cast on to prevent the amount of curling that the first piece has on the scalloped edge. Oh well.

Once the second piece is to length and ready to join in the round with the other piece, I will have to fit it and see if I'll have to do a partial join. This can still work out. :)
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April 7th, 2006

08:08 am - *snicker*
I find it funny that in order for me to unwind, I wind a ball of cord up into something wearable. >;)

I should have left for work 15 minutes ago, but I am a slugabed. I'll have to go to my LYS to get more skeins of the yarn since I have gotten too few. Hurrah it's Friday, and I need to pack. (WOO, anne_jumps!) I am starving. The start of the personal training program is not making me feel good, oddly enough. I have missed the past few eps of LOST, and I hate that. It looks like I'm going to have to wait until all of season 2 is on DVD to catch up. Time to get stressed at work.

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April 4th, 2006

12:50 am - it's official!
So after waffling with a project commitment of something knitted on 24" circs, I officially signed up for the Sexy Knitters Club Knit-Along of Orangina.

knitting progressCollapse )

I think I might be knitting too tight, but I've only got one rep done so far. I was surprised that I was able to get this much done during the middle of the second half of the NCAA Men's BBall game. >;) I am a slow knitter and my hands started to twinge a little bit during my last few stitches. I am looking forward to actually finishing though.

Here is the picture-only gallery, if you are interested.
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April 3rd, 2006

12:49 am - procrastinators unite!

I swatched Orangina all day today. I had to try three times to get it somewhat right, amidst my naps, bill paying, and paper shredding. I still am knitting a bit too tight, but I guess it'll have to do. I'll have to think about loosening up a little bit in order to get the lace to drop lightly. The lace work reminded me a lot to Broadripple, which I have done as a KAL before, but I only was able to finish one sock before other things got in the way. :P I'm knitting with Tahki Cotton Classic in the 3488 red. I saw that my LYS had some sale Jo Sharp, but not enough skeins were available.

ETA: Oh crap. It seems that my yarn might be just slightly too heavy for the project. No matter. Some of the swatches I've seen give me hope. :)

I'll have to see how this turns out. I've at least cast on with the first row done. I have a busy week this week, with month-end/quarter-end crap, so I don't know if I'll get any knitting time in. I still need to file taxes too because I focused on this danged swatch instead of my receipts. And then there's that trip at the end of the week. w00t!

I'm lazy commenting right now. I think my head exploded with Megan's poll. *mwa*
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April 1st, 2006

05:34 pm - well, well, well...

It looks like I might have the beginnings of a KAL. I won't confirm anything until I swatch, which I don't usually do, and cast on. >;)
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